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Musketier of the 2. Kurhessisches Infanterie-Regt. Nr.82

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a WW1 German "Musketier" of the 2. Kurhessisches Infanterie-Regt. Nr.82 at the regimental depot, Gottingen, a Hessian border town with the overall region of Thuringia.

You can note that his equipment is very light in colour, in reality, it would have been virtually pink in colour as it is raw hide fronted.

This man has clearly been freshly re-issued his uniform and equipment at the very beginning of the war. HE is equipped with an older Gewehr-88 Rifle ("Kommissiongewehr" or "Reichsgewehr") which was still in service at this time. NR82 would go onto, along with others, lay siege to Liege 5-16 August 1914, one of the early victories before the entry of the British into the War, proper, by landing its BEF.

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