Nachrichten Helferinnen des Heeres at a meal

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The Photograph here shows a group of women in the Heer Auxiliary Helferins, seen sitting at a table for a meal. Seen well-presented these women are seen looking towards each other and some at the camera, possibly taken without the women knowing they are being photographed or just about to pose. The women Auxiliary Helferins seen with a pretty presented and laid out table possibly to have some lunch, seen with white china plates and cups, with some flowers seen laid on the table too. The Heer Auxiliary Helferins seen here wearing white shirts with a Heer breast eagle and signals badge in the centre of their collars. Notably one can be seen wearing a tie towards the back. All hair is up which was required by all Helferins.

A world map hangs on the wall behind as well as some other posters, one to the right seen with some writing and a heart shape. Possibly a eating quarters of their barracks or in training at a school. The background roles these women played in the war were essential, in most cases invisible and unseen but the smaller things that helped the Wehrmacht work were helped by their role. A crisp example of women and their role working alongside the Wehrmacht. A photograph that would be kept to show their service and could reflect to happy times spent with their friends.

The WehrmachtHelferinnen (Wehrmacht Assistant) being the combined forces of all women units in the Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. By 1945 there was 500,000 women Auxiliaries in the Wehrmacht. Roughly half of these were volunteers. Such roles for women in the WehrmachtHelferinnen were telephone and telegraph transmission operators, some being operators for anti-aircraft defence. Other roles were, administrative roles such as typist and messengers as well as other administrative or secretary roles.

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