Newly Married Heer Unteroffizier and his Bride

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !

The photograph here shows a Heer Unteroffizier with his wife posing for a studio portrait. The photograph is of a couple standing in their wedding dress, the Unteroffizier seen wearing a smart M36 tunic with a belt held up by belt hooks, a smart NCO crusher cap, and holding gloves in his left hand. The Heer Unteroffizier is seen with an Ek2 ribbon through the button hole and a bar seen. The bar is a Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen known as the West Wall Medal. The west wall medal being awarded for those who designed and built fortifications along the Siegfried Line or service between 15th June 1938 to 31st March 1939. Seen next to him is his newly wed wife, seen in a traditional white wedding dress and tiara. She is also seen holding a bouquet of flowers as she poses for the studio portrait. A memorable wedding photograph not just for these two newly weds but also their attached families. Members of the Wehrmacht as well as over organisations were often encouraged and seen to be married in their uniforms. The cross seen hung round the neck of the bride marking their devotion and belief in religion. It is unknown if it is Christianity or catholic but likely to be catholic. This couple being seen together would be a meaningful memoir of their marriage and kept close at home but also by the Heer Unteroffizier when away in service. Their names are unknown and unfortunately it is unknown what became of the Heer Unteroffizier. But the story of this married couple is still a crisp example of marriage at the time.

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