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Portrait Of A Late War Heer Grenadier

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

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The photograph here shows a Late War Heer Grenadier posing for a studio portrait. The grenadier seen here in a M43 tunic, seen fitting the grenadier well and looking smart this crisp portrait is an example of a late war photograph.

The M43 tunic was introduced around mid-1943, with reference to its name 'M43'. The need for a updated tunic was due to expensive materials needed to make them and this simplified but smart tunic was formed. The elimination of pleats and flat pockets being one key feature on show of the new design. With this, the M34 tunic went on to be the most commonly worn uniform throughout the remainder of the war. The flat breast pockets can be made out as well as crisp Heer litzen, breast eagle and shoulder boards.

Not much is known on the Grenadier seen here or weather he survived the war but this late war photograph is a crisp example of how photographs were still taken and moments still captured. This photograph would have been kept dear by loved ones at home whilst he is out fighting, at the time not knowing how the war would turn, families would be torn apart as the fighting grew closer to home. This photograph may have been placed in an album next to other photographs of the Grenadier, possibly in other uniform types which would have shown a nice story or comparison, unfortunately this is all we have but his story is still shared. Here is an example of a crisp late war photograph and a face of war that may have seen and yet to see some of the most fierce fighting of the war.


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