Spooky Flak Medical Training

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph shows members of a Flak medics at a field hospital, seen here in their fliegerbluse. The Soldat seen on the right of the photograph with the two eagles on his tab is a Gefreiter. They are likely in a hospital or medical room on a barracks. They can all be seen joking around for the camera with bandages on and the skeleton seen in the middle. There is also a Soldat seen reading a book as appose to looking at the camera, whilst the rest are seen posing for the camera with the skeleton in the centre can be seen wearing a Side cap. Happy faces by many despite that some may be injured. It is likely that they are in training as not all are in bandages and the skeleton is likely to be used for example for where the bones are found on the body, this being used to explain how to treat patients. The fact that there is differences in the way that the bandages are placed on supports that they are likely to be learning the different medical techniques and ways to treat people. This could be for at a field hospital or in the field that would greatly help them. Besides this they can be seen here they have made it into a comedic memory of their training. A very funny but Spooky photograph, one that may be discussed and laughed about by themselves at a later date to raise morale. Finding humour is something that often happened then as it does in everyday life.

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