Studio Portrait of the Schliebs Family in Aurich 1942

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !!

The photograph here shows a studio portrait of the Schliebs Family in Aurich 1942. The photograph shows a young Bootsmannmaat of the Kriegsmarine with his wife and son. The Bootsmannmaat is seen wearing a double breasted service uniform, the treß around the collar with two bars on a collar patch denotes his rank, just seen on the arm is the Chief Petty officers is the patch of Line Chief Petty Officer. It is unclear what his department or trade is as it is not in shot but he can also be see awarded with a DRL sports award in bronze. This showing that he has achieved a good level of fitness. Seen sharing the arm of a chair, his wife is seen sitting in the chair with their young son in the middle. The reverse of the photograph is seen and reads For Remembrance of Family Schliebs Aurich 1942. Aurich being a town in the East Frisian region of Lower Saxony, Germany, the second largest and capital of the East Frisia region. This being written as a reminder of what the photograph shows, a family of three, a loving wife proud of her husband’s service and a proud Bootsmannmaat seen in his service uniform with their young son. The young son would likely join the HitlerJugend when coming of age. The young son not aware of the war may possibly find this photograph of his parents one day and reflect on what the war was. It is unknown what happened to the farther as well as the rest of the family but it is a true memoir of the war. A photograph likely framed and admired by both when the Bootsmannmaat was away in service. The stories of family photographs won’t be forgotten and their story no matter how little information is known will always be shared, this is a crisp example of a studio family portrait.

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