Sturmabteilung and Heer Rally

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photographs here show a Pre-War field day. These field days were common practice in pre-war Germany. As seen in the first photograph there is a mixture of Sturmabteilung (SA) and Heer seen in shot. The Hauptmann stands with a pistol pouch on a podium with a banner draped across the front can be seen in the centre of the shot, about to address everyone. The crowds of SA can be seen standing facing the centre, their insignia can just be made out with armbands. The SA men are in their hundreds gathered to show their support with some civilians seen in the foreground by the trees and houses. The other photograph is believed to be taken on the left hand side of the first photograph. It shows more SA members in the bottom right but this time in the form of a band, playing music for the Heer and other civilians that can be seen. The Heer can be seen in Stalhelms and smart parade uniforms with some swords. Seen just to the right in the mix of civilians are some Veterans and a singular SS Allgemeine can be seen. You can make out the SA men from the first photograph in the top right as well as seeing more of the civilians and foreground. Their appears to be a road and some houses, this suggesting a field in possibly a rural part of Germany. The turnout for the event is seen to be large, the event would be of great importance to the NSDAP and gaining support at the time. The Music would lighten the mood and make it enjoyable for all, the professionalism of the Heer is seen and would possibly encourage people to join up and be involved with the kind of event being held. The Sturmabteilung may also be there not only to show support but to act as security for the event from opposing party's and anyone who may wish to disturb the event.

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