The Battalion Sports Festival 5km Sprint Winners.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows men of a Battalion in a sports it as a part of a Sports Festival in 1930. The photograph shows the athletes of the Sports-Fest, the writing detailed across the bottom telling us that they are the 5km Sprint Winners. The men seen standing and two at the bottom laying for the photograph, detailing a smart sports kit. The sports kit detailing the number 17, likely their group or battalion number. The Athletes look very physically fit and very Germanic with their hairstyles. The sports and fitness was encouraged of men was recognised by the Weimar republic as well as the Third Reich. Fitness was not only seen as a good physical attribute but also a good mental skill, it would a good aid to military service and a good role model for others. Photographs like this would serve not only as a personal memory and celebration of their victory in races of the day at this sports fest in 1930, something to reflect on when at war. Not that the people of the time would know that a war was soon approaching but would serve also to encourage others in battalions of what hard work, skill and determination towards fitness can achieve. It is unknown their names or ranks of any but as the Weimar republic dissolved they would be role models and greatly appreciated in the NSDAP possibly in the SA or straight into a branch of the Wehrmacht as Germany strengthened and recruited its forces. A crisp and detailed example of Pre-war Sports activities.

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