The Workers of Muro - Halle

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of men likely to be factory workers outside a hall. The photograph depicts a range of ages of men all dressed in the same clothes, possibly a uniform for their selected craft. Seen all with a badge it is likely that they have been awarded a “Tinnie” these being awarded in high quantities to people who helped contribute to the Reich or had attended a field or political event / rally. The hall they are seen by has the words “Muro - Halle” the first word is not translatable but Halle tells us its some kind of hall, it could possibly be the business or company names hall. Just seen in view is a political banner being held out by some of a window seen in the background. This to show a statement that these men stand to help the National Socialist party (NSDAP), this being likely a Early war or even pre war photograph (Rise of the Third Reich) , used to show support for the NSDAP. The opposing support would be the KPD or German Comunist Party who also focused on its workers. This photograph shows the civilian effort towards helping and not only the recognition but the importance they had on the society. Each man likely a husband, farther, brother or son. Real people and likely to be known locally, seen with pride standing here in this crisp photograph.

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