Zollnspektur in the Zollgrenzschutz with his Family

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !


The photograph here shows a Zollnspektur in the Zollgrenzschutz with his family. The family seen sitting and standing with the Zollnspektur standing in the middle. The Family portrait has a stunning backdrop that was unique for family studio portraits making them a very effective and smart style. The Zollnspektur is a Heer rank equivalent of Oberleutnant and is a Customs inspector. The Zollnspektur is seen with a DRL Heer Sports award in bronze, as well as a small NSDAP party badge worn just above it to show he is a party member two bars can also be seen, these being a 12 year long service awards that could date back to service in World War One or Weimar Republic. The Zollnspektur is also seen wearing a dress sword to the right, these kinds of swords were worn as a part of a smart uniform set, showing it off proudly alongside his uniform. Unfortunately we don’t know any of the family’s names but as can be seen the portrait is a large one that can be seen with possibly the grandparents sitting at the front of the photograph. This type of studio portrait would sit pride of place in all of the family’s home. The roll of Zollgrenzschutz or also known as Border zoll was to administrate, organise and oversee the activities of trade and supplies as well as population in some areas of the states and country borders of Germany and its occupied countries. The Zollgrenzschutz were essential for the economic growth of the reich as it primarily allowed the monitoring and control of goods in and out and made sure that taxes and such economic implications that helped Germany shift its economic depression by prioritising Germany's goods and products as a way to make more money for the country but also with political Nationalist motifs. The Zollgrenzschutz was essentially office work and a form of admin, the Zollgrenzschutz moved with the occupation of countries such as Poland to take control of the borders and monitoring what comes in and out. The Zollgrenzschutz was another essential part of the Third Reich’s growth and development that was just one of many other branches that was organised.

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