#2 - Weihnachten,Sekt & Rum 20/12/1942

This is a special Post, this feldpost was written on 20th December 1942, this marks 79 Years since this letter was written. Part of the KB41 On This Day Series.

The feldpost here is the next Feldpost in cronilogical order from the collection. There is a large jump and nothing is known what happened to Herbert in between this time but this letter tells us about Herbert in December of 1942. This letter talks about Christmas, one of a few to cover what life was like at Christmas at the front away from his family.

The letter in German reads as:

den 20.12.1942

Ihr Lieben!

Nun stehtwiedereinmal das Weihnachtsfestvor der Tür, aberwieandersalssonst. Früher war es das schönste Fest, das man imFamilienkreisefeierte, nun hat es der Krieg verändert und wirmüssenesgetrenntbegehen; aber das lässtsichjanichtändern. Wievieleliegenjetztdraußen und denkenanzuHause. Ichdarfmich also nichtbeklagen. Aber ichwerdebestimmtviel an auchdenken und eswirdjaauch Mal wiedereineandereZeitkommen. Heutesteigt das Weihnachtsfest von der Kompanie. Eswirdbestimmtganzgroß. Jedersolleinenkleinen Rum bekommen und außerdemwirdnoch was von Sektgemunkelt und einengroßenFestessen. Die Paketewollenwirheikigabend, wennwir auf der Stubefeiern, gemeinsamöffnen. Einen Tannenbaum habenwirunsauchschonbesorgt. Aber leiderkommt man nicht in die schönevorweihnachtlicheStimmung. Nun wünscheicheuchalleneinfrohesWeihnachtsfest.

Euer Herbert

The English translation is:

My dear ones!

We're finally getting to Christmas again, but different than before. Back in the past it was the Most beautiful Holiday to celebrate alongside your Family, now the war changed everything and we must celebrate seperated, but we can't Change that. How many may now lie outside somewhere and thinking about home too. So I shouldn't be complaining. But I will think about you a lot for sure and there must be different times coming again. Today we will have the Christmas Celebration of our company. It will surely be a big one. Everyone shall get a little glass of Rum and there have been rumors of Sekt and a huge banquet too. We want to open the packages on christmas eve together when we having our private celebration in our room. A christmas tree we got already too. But sadly there is no really feeling of this nice pre-christmas time like it was back home. Now I want to wish you a merry christmas

Your Herbert.

This letter talke about Herbert and his time leading up to Christmas. Herbert details this in the first line of his letter with "Nun stehtwiedereinmal das Weihnachtsfestvor der Tür," Meaning; 'Now Christmas is just around the corner'. Herbert is reflecting on this celebratory period comparing life at the front away from home to life with his family. Its been some time from the last known letter in the collection to say where Herbert is writing from and the top right poses a mystery as it is not known what the two letters written mean or where this places Herbert. You can feel the upset and emotions of Herbert as he sees Christmas in a different way as he writes. Herbert reflefts and knows the sadness of not being together with his family and how he had found memories of Christams with his family. Herbert realises the important and significance of his past Christmas's with his family but shows compassion as he reflects on those who are less than fortunate as him during the war. Herbert says he looks forward to better times.

Herbert then proceeds to write about how they are celebrating Christmas with his Kompanie. He says it will be a big celebration, he details that there is rumours amoung Soldaten that there will be Rum and Sekt (Sekt is sparkling wine, Simlar to Champane but German) These drinks to be drunk at the celebration with a Large Banquet too. Herbert details that he wants to open his Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve as a part of a private celebration he will be having with close friends back in his room. Herbert detaila they even have their own Christmas tree but regretfully there isnt any pre Christmas excitemnt and there isnt the same feelings of what he knows Christmas to be when home. Herbert Signs the letter off wishing his family a Merry Christmas and the same

as the previous "Yours Herbert".

Herbert wishing he was home with his family and expressing his sadness of his Christmas in 1942 not being the same as previous Christmas's. Herbert is compassionate and reflective of the loss of fellow soldaten who are unfortunate to not be living and able to celebrate Christmas.

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