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#8- Liebe Mutti ! - 13.1.1943

Part of The KB41 Collection On This Day Series

This letter is the 8th letter that Herbert writes, the third letter of 1943 and only written three days after the previous letter was written (See that posted on our website). This letter is the first that is addressed to the mother of the Tank family. This letter being only one side of A4 size paper, where as other letters as much space is used as possible. This is a quick update from Herbert that he writes to his loving mother with similar topics of the previous letter. Written on this day 80 years ago.

The Feldpost in German reads as:

O.U den 13.1.1943

Liebe Mutti!

Gestern habe ich das Postgeld erhalten und erstmal ein bisschen eingekauft. Leider konnte ich keine Schlagsahne in Dosen bekommen. Die gibt es hier nicht mehr. Deshalb habe ich eine Dose Kaffeesahne mitgeschickt. Den Bohnenkaffee musst du dir dazu denken. Die Butter und das Puddingpulver wirst du wohl auch verwenden können. Eier konnte ich nicht mehr bekommen in der Stadt und die Kantine hatte auch noch keine. Heute konnten wir ein halbes Pfund Butter zukaufen. Schicke Euch die Hälfte davon mit.

Vorgestern habe ich dein liebes Päckchen mit Zigaretten und Marzipan bekommen. Meinen Dank. Die Zigaretten sind schon ziemlich alle geworden. Sonst geht es mir immer noch ganz gut, hoffe dasselbe von Euch. Nun will ich schließen

Herzliche Grüsse euch alle

Euer Herbert

The English translation reads as:

O.U on 13.01.1943

Dear Mummy!

Yesterday I received the postal money and did some shopping first. Unfortunately I couldn't get canned whipped cream. They don't exist here anymore. That's why I sent a can of coffee creamer with it. You have to think about the coffee beans. You can probably use the butter and custard powder too. I couldn't get any more eggs in the city and the canteen didn't have any either. Today we were able to buy half a pound of butter. Send you half of it.

The day before yesterday I received your dear packet of cigarettes and marzipan. Thanks. The cigarettes have pretty much run out. Otherwise I'm still fine, I hope the same for you. Now I want to close

Warm greetings to you all

Your Herbert

This letter being a short update letter addressed to the Mother of the family whilst still addressing news to the other parts of the family. Unfortunately there is no Feldpost envelope with this letter so we cannot see if it was exclusively addressed to the Mother however the letter does address parts of the family and doesn't contain any secrets intended to be kept away from other parts of the family. Thus suggesting it can be shared openly with others in the family, possibly the Mother detailed how she misses Herbert in the letter sent to him. The term "Mutti" referring more to "Mummy" as a heartfelt and loving sentiment to his Mother.

The letter details how Herbert received the postal money that he was discussing in the previous letter written just 3 days earlier on the 10th of January 1943. With this Herbert writes how he instantly spent it on some shopping, of this Herbert details what he was able to purchase, thus giving an update as to what the money sent was spent on. Showing his mother an update on his situation and that the money didn't go to waste. Hebert writes how he was unable to purchase any " schlagsahne" or whipped cream as previously mentioned in his last letter as it "Doesn't exist here anymore" , this likely in affect due to a shortage of supplies with rationing during this later war period. Herbert details how instead he has sent home a can of coffee creamer. Herbert also details how he imagines they can combine this with butter and custard powder to create a dessert instead. Herbert writing how he's tried his best to get supplies from the "Postgeld" and how he was unfortunate to get more eggs from using his pay and that the canteen lacked any spare eggs too. Herbert finally details how he was able to purchase half a pound of butter and that half of that would be sent home. This showing that despite being away in service Herbert still cares about his family not just in news updates but sending home extra food and supplies that his family will benefit from. This topping up the rations his family would have as rationing would limit the luxury's and accessibility to such food.

Hebert writes also how he received the package that his family sent him a packet of cigarettes as requested in the previous letters that his tobacco and smoking supplies were running low. Hebert thanks his mother and family to the marzipan also. Even with the gift Herbert details how he has almost run out of cigarettes and that he hints he would like some more. Hebert signs off this small update wishing his family well and thanking them for their gifts whilst updating them what he is sending them with the funds he has spent both from what is gifted from home and what is given via his military pay. Herbert seeming content his happy that he is able to care for his family whilst all that far from home in service.

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