A 2nd Kompanie Heer Unterfeldwebel

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the Faces Of War series #facesofwarkb41

The photograph here shows a Heer newly appointed Unterfeldwebel in an M36 tunic, notably wearing the earlier variation of pointed shoulder boards. This dating to around 1936. The cover slip at the end of the shoulder board is a quick way of denoting his rank as to not sew the full treße. The buttons on the Shoulderboards are numbered "2", this denoting him to be in the 2nd Kompanie. Notably the older Heer Soldat here has some awards in the form of a bar, both are Württemberg awards, awarded to those who fought under the state in WW1. The first bar is a Württemberg: King Wilhelm's II Silver Medal for Loyalty, Bravery and Military Merit. This was awarded for acts in the field of combat similar to that of the Iron cross. The other bar being a Württembergische-Treudienstmedaille IX Jahre bar, this was a 9 year service award, the war service of this counting as triple so he in effect served 3 years in WW1. Notably he also has a Sturmabteilung (SA) Award in bronze, this showing that he has continued his service into the SA and continues to serve his country. The notable toothbrush moustache is sported by this veteran who would be a respect member of the Heer for his First World War service. You can only imagine if this veteran would go on to receive more awards or survive the war.

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