A Crisp Early War Family Portrait

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Part of the #kb41memoirs Series !

The photograph here shows a family studio portrait. The photograph like many other studio portraits were exceptional quality, the detail and crispness being so clear. These types of portraits and their quality have stood the test of time. The Heer gefreiter seen here is smartly dressed for the occasion, he is seen wearing a crisp M36 tunic with his enlisted man's belt and buckle. The Heer buckle reads Gottmituns broken down to Gott Mitt Uns which translates to "God with us". The Gefreiter seen here with his wife and son look towards the camera. The young son seen sitting on a table dressed in a traditional German style clothing and holding his little teddy. His mother too seen dressed in a nice civilian clothing, the family appears to be catholic which was common for families of the time. This is seen with the cross around the mother’s neck. The period of which the photograph was taken would have been early. This is seen with the early M36 tunic but lack of any awards or occupation medals. The photograph would have been taken away with the Gefreiter as a reminder of his family at home but may also have been at home for his wife to not feel so alone that her husband is at war, whilst being proud of him whilst serving his country. Being pride of place kept on display in the family home. You can only imagine what life would have been like for the young boy growing up in a war torn era, he may of come to age and joined the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). The other sad uncertainty is whether of not his farther would survive the war.

This is just one of the many family portraits that would have been taken, it is a crisp and good example of the personal element of war. How it affected families like this one.

This is the one of the strong meaning of this page and this series, it’s to respect and remember these unknown people whilst keeping the history alive.

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