A Flak 30 In Northern Rhineland

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photographs shows uniform-less Flak Soldaten around a Flak 30 on the location of a temporary airfield. This is seen by the open space in background as well as the dug in concrete supports on the emplacement. The two standing Soldaten can be seen with binoculars around their necks, these were essential in things at distance, in this case for spotting aircraft. These two Soldaten would be the spotters for the younger Soldat seen operating the Flak 30. Also notably seen in the centre of the two standing behind the Flak 30, can be seen a Soldat on a Field telephone. Communications to and from anti-aircraft posts was essential at keeping troops and civilians alike safe from air attacks. It also allowed for further support when needed. Bicycles can be seen resting against the position, likely how the Soldaten got to and from the position. The "X" seen above the head of one of the Soldats was likely to indicate their relation in photograph. Unfortunately there is no reverse information so it may have been made and known the previous owner.

The Flak 30, allowed a vast tracking of targets, they were used to take out Enemy aircraft that threatens positions and structures. The Flak 30 was also used on ground targets, it had a 280 rounds per minute. It first saw services in 1935 by the Luftwaffe. It was later upgraded to shoot 480 round per minute. The image is said to be in the the Northern Rhineland, this is based off similar shots showing identical background and emplacements. The Date and Names are unknown.

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