A Christnacht 1940 Celebration

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows Heer soldaten likely in a cabin or troop made bunker on Christmas Eve 1940. They are seen spending Weihnachten (Christmas) together in their bunker. There is a Zeltbahn in Splinter that can be seen behind the grenadiers as a draft excluder in entrance way to the sleeping quarters of their made bunker. Also seen on the enterance is a side cap hanging up, this is seen with other kit such as mess tins and cups. The grenadier on the left can be seen wearing an M40 tunic, he is also notably seen with a double chevron insignia on his arm. This denotes the rank of Obergeferiter. Behind him is another grenadier also in an M40 tunic. The Grenadiers are seen celebrating Weihnachten with wine and other alcoholic drinks as well as food, candles and presents. This type of time was especially important for soldaten across the Wehrmacht. Friendship and Comradery was important as morale would be low as they would be missing their families whilst away from home. In the warm and surrounded by good company. This photograph would have been taken to not only reflect on and remember the good times spent at Christmas together. The photograph would likely be sent home to their families to let them know they are safe and well when away from home. It is a good example of a festive celebration whilst serving, with small gifts that shows what they meant. It is also sad to think that some of these Grenadiers may not be sitting at the same table for Christmas the next year.

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