Christmas in the Family Home of Kriegsmarine Sailor

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The Photograph shows Kriegsmarine sailor in some time off with family at Weihnachten (Christmas). Seen here with his wife and daughter. A family photograph that would of been held close to this sailor when out at sea.

Seen in his home seated with his wife opposite with her arms around their baby daughter. The sailor seen reaching out to the daughter whilst facing the camera. The daughter is seen standing looking towards but not at the camera. There is toys of hers seen along the floor, a toy dog , horse and a toy car. Also seen is a Christmas tree with long dropping strands of Tinsel and lights. Other noticeable items in the room are plants on the windowsill as well as a hanging basket seen above it and a nice Grandfather clock seen telling the time of just gone 8:05. The Sailor can be seen in a standard Kriegsmarine uniform but seen wearing some causal Slippers. The photograph being taken around the Christmas period, making the photograph even more meaningful. Being away from home at Christmas would be hard for the family, so to reflect and remember their time together at this Christmas would be very meaningful and good for morale.

Many Soldaten in other branches too often held these sorts of Photos close to them as a remainder of their loved ones at home and that they would be with them and in thought where ever they may be. This giving happiness and morale to Soldaten. A very personal photograph, it is unknown if he survived.

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