Dug in on Cold Eastern Front

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows three Heer Soldaten somewhere on the eastern front in the winter of 1941/42. They are seen here in the field, in a dug in position. The Heer Soldaten have done this as a form of not only defence but to be out of the harsh elements but also to keep warm. This is seen by the dug in section with a supported ridge to act as a wind break, seen huddled inside are two Heer Soldaten both seen wearing thick warm clothing of white winter camo parkas. Not only does this allow them to stay warm but it allows them to be more camouflaged and blend in with their surroundings. As seen there is thick snow surrounding them, you can only imagine the cold temperatures and how they are feeling. The expression on the Heer Soldat on the right seen looking to one with his back to shot shows us that he isn’t best happy with the cold weather. He is seen with a moustache and is seen huddled with a warm parka and hood up and hat on. Seen next to him is another Soldat, this Soldat too looking very cold and wearing a hat with the hood over the top. Both can be seen trying to stay very warm. Seen being used as a blanket to keep both warm is a Russian Shuba coat. This likely to be looted from fighting. It was known that the Russians were more prepared and equipped for the winter than the axis forces were. So they took whatever warmer kit they could from them when they could. Seen here being used as a blanket. The Russian Shuba, is essentially a long fur coat that would provide significant warmth in cold conditions. You can really get a feel for their emotions and feelings in the field at this time in the photograph. It is likely that morale was low at this point hence for a photograph to lighten the mood and something to discuss. It is likely the Soldat with his back to the camera has come to talk to the position Soldaten and wither discuss orders or to talk about past times as to keep morale up. The Soldat with his back to the camera can be seen however wearing a belt and buckle, some warm gloves and some binoculars around his neck. This proving an essential piece of kit in the field especially for spotting things in rough conditions.

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