Ein Gruppenfoto im Jahr 1943

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of Heer Soldaten likely to be pioneers, seen by the dark Waffenfarbe, also supporting this is the lack of awards seen in wear. The Pioneers are seen posing for a group photograph, possibly in the field but and exact location is unknown. The photograph is suggested to be early/ mid 1943 due to the mixture of M43 tunics and some M36 tunics. All are seen wearing M43 ski caps except for the officer in the centre.

Seen from right to left is an Obergefreiter with an M43 tunic and EK2 in Feldspange in wear, next is a an unteroffizier wearing an M43 tunic. Behind the Uffz is an unknown rank Soldat, notably the same can be seen for others that pose for the photograph leading up the bank in the background. In the centre can be seem an officer but a rank cannot be determined. As seen they are standing with him in the centre, notably in a greatcoat with gloves and the only one seen not wearing a M43 ski cap. Rather a crusher cap. To the left and just behind the centre we see a Soldat with an unidentifiable rank as well as some ciphers but unfortunately its to distant to tell what. Next is two Leutnants, the first is seen wearing a claw belt and a M36 tunic with "old style) large litzen and notably an EK2 ribbon through his pocket. To the left of him we see the other Leutnant also seen wearing a claw belt and also with an EK2 ribbon through his pocket, he is also notably side on but has more awards on his breast pocket of Black Wound badge and a Silver award likely Silver Infantry or General Assault badge. Seen just behind him is an Unteroffizier, seen by the silver Treße around the collar. After that the rest of the Soldaten seen in the photograph are unidentifiable by rank.

This is a crisp photograph showing a good example of the Heer in 1943. They are seen all close in for the photograph in very clean tunics, this is possibly that they have been in reserve and may have just been drafted due to lack of pre war awards or other combat awards by the majority seen. It is a nice photograph showing a group away from fighting.

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