Greta & Arthur Hemmerling 11/11/1939

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the memoirs series. #kb41memoirs !

The photograph here shows a newly Married couple on the steps of their house, possibly Austria . The photograph is dated 11th November 1939.

The married couple seen here on the steps of their house pose for the camera smiling happily and in love. The reverse of the photograph opens up the story more than just a couple by telling us the names of the couples names. The reverse reads “Greta u. Arthur” (the U. Short for Und or And.) Also on the reverse is the word Hemmerling, This being the newly married couples last name.

The man being known as a Arthur, he is a Unteroffizier seen dressed in a Heer M36 tunic with his tunic trouser in a long Gala style. Looking smart with one hand around his wife and another clenching some gloves. Greta is seen in a classic white wedding dress holding a large bouquet of flowers. Both seen very happy for the photograph. The couple newly married on the 11/11/39. Seen both happy and in love in this heartfelt photograph. Who knows the later tales of Greta and Arthur Hemmerling. You can only wonder if Arthur survived.

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