Heer Cavalry and Luftwaffe Driver, Pre-War Marriage Family Photograph

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the#kb41memoirs series!

The photograph here shows a group at a wedding, as they stand posing for the camera with their loved ones close seen smiling for the shot. The groom, the rank of Unterfeldwebel can be seen in a M35 Waffenrock with his wife on the furthest right. This photograph shows a mixture of Heer and Luftwaffe personal with their wives and family, friends serving in other parts of the Wehrmacht was common during the war. The Heer NCO’s seen on the right are cavalrymen, this is seen by the swords worn and the equestrian awards.The Oberfeldwebels seen towards the back has a Das Deutsche Ritterabzeichen (German Horseman Badge) in bronze class. This award being awarded for an achievement in equestrian skill, this being tested on tournaments, races and special skills, the other Oberfeldwebel seen at the front is seen without one but can be seen with a Long service Heer award of four years. The Unterfeldwebel seen with his wife in a long dress and flowers. The Unterfeldwebel is seen wearing a Reichswehr M26 Waffenrock. The Unterfeldwebel is seen wearing white gloves as well as a dress sword. Unlike the others can also notably seen wearing a Schützenschnur mit Abzeichnung u. 2 Eiche. VII Klaße (Shooting lanyard seventh class) this is awarded for exceptional performance in shooting. The other notable awards worn by the groom are German Horseman's Badge in silver class, the other notable award is also a Heer long service award of four years. To the far left can be seen a Luftwaffe Gefreiter on the left with his wife is notably seen with a Sudetenland occupation award and a driver’s trade patch on his arm. The driver’s patch was awarded for the maintenance and use of a vehicle for the Luftwaffe, tasks such as transportation and driving of trucks and vehicles storing munitions and supplies. The smartness of this photograph is seen also in the well-presented civilians seen in a suit and bow tie and the women in nice dresses with flowers. Family photographs and memories like this before and during the war were kept close by families and serving personnel of the Wehrmacht as a reminder and keepsake of happy times during the war. You can only imagine if these Soldaten seen here would go on to survive the war. The suggestion for when this was taken was Pre Second World War around 1938.

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