Heer Grenadiers & Family Around A Roaring fire

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series!

The photograph here shows a family around a roaring fire. The family seen here of Heer Gefreiters and a grenadier are seated around the fire with their mother and father.

The two Gefreiters are seen on the right are likely to be brothers. The Chevron on the arm denoting the rank of Gefreiter. The Standing Gefreiter is seen with a DRL sports award in bronze, this being awarded to members of the Wehrmacht who have achieved and shown a good level of fitness skill. The sense of family is really captivated in this photograph as can be seen the father to the left, with a cigarette in his mouth seen smiling in the presence of his wife seen on the right and surrounded by his three sons. The big fireplace hosts a roaring fire that can be seen with high flames coating a pot possibly cooking or heating water for a brew. There can be made out just to the feet of the farther seen seated on the left a small little dog facing away from the camera which is seen close to the fire possibly seated with the family for warmth and attention. The Heer Gerfreiters seen here are very young, seen in M36 tunics it is likely this was taken early war, possibly Pre campaigns of western and eastern front as no ribbons are seen by any of the Gefreiters. The family seen seated around the warm fire possibly in conversation about the time of their training and service and general family talking. This photograph would be a key reminder of this happy family time that may be enjoyed when the sons are fighting away and the same for the sons and brothers to think of their parents and dog at home. The names of the family are unknown and is also unknown if any survived the war but it is a memoir of this family's time and is a crisp photograph that would have been cherished highly.

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