HitlerJugend on a hike through the forest

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of boys in the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) The boys seen here in their uniforms as they walk through a forest for a photograph. They are possibly camped in or nearby to the forest or could be on a hike. Hikes were common activities for members of the Hitlerjugend. The boys seen here are wearing the standard Hitlerjugend uniform, one in the centre front row can be seen adjusting his cross strap, the style of the Hitlerjugend was smart but iconic. Very similar to Boy Scouts in activities and in some ways of appearance by wearing scarfs with toggles. The Hitlerjugend being a political movement that was created in 1922 by the NSDAP, it was formed at the start to primary introduce the young people of Germany into the NSDAP and encourage and increase Sturmabteilung (SA) recruitment. The Hitlerjugend organisation was essential for getting the young people of Germany into the NSDAP and later the Wehrmacht. In many ways they were brainwashed to believe the ideology of the Third Reich and had no choice. The training of the Hitlerjugend was adapted from the Boy Scouts and later added more military style training such as Weapons training, Assault courses and military tactics. Seen here in this well captured and somewhat aesthetic photograph. It would set as a reminder for the boys of this photograph and event as to what they achieved and experienced but also to show their families what they have archived and can proudly show them off in their homes. Possibly could also be used for recruitment and encouragement for the organisation.

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