Hitlers Speech in a Factory in Hamburg, Germany, 1st May 1933

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photography shows a speech in a Hamburg factory on May 1st 1933, which is ongoing. It appears to be hosted by the factory to give the NSDAP a platform to show support. The civilians gathered are workers of factory and locals. The You can see to the right of the Hamburg factory flag, partly obscured by the post, the striking "Hakenkreuz-Fahne" or "Swastika Banner". At this time, it was not yet synonymous with the regime of Terror that it would come to represent. The reverse of this photograph reads " Tag der Arbeit 1st Mai 1933 " This translating to Day of work or "Labour Day" 1st May 1933. The next day on the 2nd of May, Adolf Hitler Abolished Trade Unions. Trade union leaders were later arrested, Workers were not allowed to negotiate a wage increase and it was later made mandatory for all workers to join the DAF. This increased the DAF membership and saw the Reich take control of workers of the nation. With in two years 20 million workers joined the DAF. Their workers rights were swapped for the Kraft Der Freude (Strength Through Joy), This giving them the social and leisure activities, in representation of the good element present in a National Socialist society.

If you look to the centre of the photograph, behind the crowd, you can see clearly, a stage, where the speech to the workers and people of the factory is in the "Warm Up" stage, or perhaps an introducing Local SS-Member (Depicted from the uniform), because if you look to the far left, the "main event" is waiting in the wings. To the left of the stage, there is a man waiting to go on is undoubtedly Adolf Hitler himself. Evidence supported this as Hitler was said to be in the area at the time of the photo, and of course, Hitler has a distinctive look in regards to the "toothbrush" moustache and stark stern demeanour. Hitler had been appointed Reichskanzler (Chancellor) the same year, speeches were essential to get more people to give their support for the National Socialist Party. Speeches and gatherings such as this were popular and a regular event all over Germany, and Hitler was a popular attraction for the citizens of the time.

This itself being are rare account of the day taken by a factory worker, as a token that they have seen the Reichskanzler talk. A turning point in German History at the time as the Third Reich took control of its workers.

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