Journey on a steamboat on the River Weichsel 30/6/40

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a steamboat along the River Vistula in Poland, (written in German as Weichselfull) Just outside of Warsaw. Seen on the steamboat is a party of Heer Grenadiers enjoying leisure time in occupied Poland on the 30 th of June 1940. The photograph shows above deck with the chimney of the steamboat and surrounding it is the top deck, seen with rubber safety rings and a large quantity of alcohol in crates seen stacked towards the right. A few officers are seen above deck too. Below this can be seen Heer grenadiers in M36 tunics, two seen standing for the photograph, the photographer likely being a friend. The Heer grenadier on the left can be seen with a SA sports award in Bronze. The other grenadiers are seen enjoying the sights surrounding the river and in company of their other friends and Kameraden. Also notably seen with an award is a grenadier on the left with a Sudetenland bar. The atmosphere can be felt in this photograph of a joyful time and some cherished feelings in this time. The party would later commence with the beer seen stacked above and likely signing and laughter. Some are seen smoking which can be seen on the left, the relaxed atmosphere away from combat shows these grenadiers enjoying this moment. It’s recorded on the back to mark the moment “Being a part of a Journey on a steamboat on the River Weichsel – 30/6/40”. Marking a meaningful day and memorable one by recording the event on the reverse. The photograph being a meaningful one to the grenadiers seen in the centre. This crisp early war photograph full of grenadiers enjoying occupied Poland, they are yet to see what the rest of the war has for them. Tougher times lay ahead.

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