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JR.29 'Von Horn'- Sic Transit Gloria Mundi; Mors Ultima Ratio

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

This post Respectful Remembrance - The Somme 104 Year Centenary


The photograph here shows a collection of NCOs from Infanterie Regiment "von Horn"(3.Rheinisches)Nr.29. They are seen here wearing M1907/10 tunics, some are also notably seen wearing awards. These awards being Eisernes Kreuz 2 (EK2) Some are seen with just the ribbon but notably seen to the centre back is someone seen wearing a newly awarded EK2. Seen with the ribbon and medal attached. Notable seen in wear also on two of the Infanterie are torches, seen attached to the tunics. In the centre is "Der Speiß", the Etatsmäßige-Feldwebel, the senior NCO of the whole battalion, seen wearing a peaked cap and resting on a sword. Also seen in this photograph is a mixture of belts being worn and not, possibly as is a more relaxed and casual photograph.To the right linked arms, can be seen a Pipeback bayonet worn on the belt. Seen centre right laying on the floor is a Sanitäter, seen with a red cross armband. The Sanitäter is seen smoking, this is seen also in other Infanterie men seen in the photograph, also seen smoking pipes. This photograph being taken somewhere in the field, the date is suggested to be 1916.


These men, irrespective of their fate 104 years ago, today, all have now passed from this earth, and are equal again.

Germany suffered 465,000 to 600,000 casualties, and 164,055 fatalities. The British had 57,470 casualties, and 19,240 fatalities, and the French suffered 200,000 casualties, with 50,756 fatalities.

The Somme was the bloodiest day in history for the British Army, coming at virtually the exact "centre" of WW1 in that the days before and after are roughly equal between the outbreak in July 1914, and the end 11 November 1918."

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning.

We will remember them .


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