Matrosenbriefe in der Kaserne

A Happy and Safe New Year to all KB41 Followers - Its been a tough and strange year but we are still pressing on ! I hope you enjoy the content and we have more original Unpublished History to share in 2021 ! - This photograph summarises this year for its ups (Smiling) and the downs (Head in hands). Thank you for all of your continued support and here is to a better 2021 and Keeping History Alive !! -Best wishes from the KB41 Team

The photograph here shows Kriegsmarine Matrosen in what appears to be a barracks room in some free time. The photograph is taken from a seated position at a table as the Matrose to the right is resting his elbows on with some papers just seen below him.

The photograph here showing the Kriegsmarine Matrose wearing Weisses Hemd (White summer uniform) with the blue and white stripped collar. The standing Matrose is seen wearing a Blue Kriegsmarine Mütze, seen with the Tally reading 'Kriegsmarine' on with the eagle and cockade. The Matrosen are seen without any caps on. The standing Matrose seems very happy, caught in the moment of discussions around the table. The Matrose to the right with his head in his hands seems in concentration, possibly some bad news or missing home as he seems to be reading. Possibly around a table reading the recent Feldposts that have arrived from home. This was common for Soldaten across the Wehrmacht to receive Feldposts and letters from home, this was the most common way to keep in contact with family when they were in service.

A date and location is unknown but the photograph here is a great example of leisure and barracks life for Soldaten, whilst capturing the energy of the moment in a barracks room.

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