Otto KIA 1944 and His Friends

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows 5 Heer Officers of the rank of second Leutnants posing for a photograph, likely taken early war, Pre France invasion. This is due to the lack of combat awards or related awards. The second Leutnants can be seen wearing M36 officers field grade Offizierrocks, as well as some bar awards. However, the quality of the photograph is good but the distance has stopped in the identification of all awards, for this photograph the two Leutnants on the right can be identified. As well as this the furthest Right is known as Otto, seen with the marked X above his head. Unfortunately form the reverse we find out that in 1944 Otto was killed in action whilst in service. It is not known where or a date exactly but is written as “1944 Otto KIA” on the reverse. Otto is seen in this photograph to be awarded an EK2 as well as a 12 year Heer Long service award, this being represented in bar form of two Blue bars. And to the left of him the other second Leutanant can be seen wearing two Long service Heer awards too of 12 years. Seen to the left of him can be seen awarded a DRL sports award. Then to the left of him notably seen is a Heer dagger being worn with a dress knot seen. Looking smart they are likely all friends. This photograph being kept be Otto until his death in 1944 and later being recorded on the back as reminder to his family who he was and unfortunately his demise. But recorded to honour and remember him by. Seen also all wearing pristine officers’ caps the shadow hiding most of their eyes and some worn in different angles and style to each other. It is seen that Otto on the right, his facial features being the clearest. The photograph serves a reminder of Otto and unfortunately what lay ahead of him, it is unknown what happened to the others.

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