Portrait of A Hauptmann & Other Half

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !

The photograph here shows a studio portrait of a happy couple. The portrait here shows a smiling wife or girlfriend alongside her partner who is Hauptmann in the Heer. The Hauptmann is seen here wearing a M36 Offizieren-Feldrock tunic, seen smartly dressed for the portrait. The portrait seen here would be kept close by the Hauptmann when away from home as a reminder of his love and happy times spent with the one he loves. The same could be kept at home, so that she may think of him when he is away and be proud of him serving his country. This type of portrait and style was common for couples and family’s as it allowed for personal memories and feelings to be stored in a photograph that could be kept anywhere, either put in a photo album, a frame hung out for all to see in the home or pinned up in a barracks room, or even kept close in the pockets and belongings of the people so that they are always close. This is just one of the many personal portraits and memoirs of the war. It is unknown on the date or any further information of the couple . We may never know if he survived the war or was awarded any awards in the field of combat. But it is a memoir of this unknown couple during the war.

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