Soldaten Lagerleben

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph shows Heer in the field, preparing food whilst eating and at rest. The photograph is taken from the seated position of a fellow Soldat in the field, the closeness and dust creates a real rough feel to the photograph. The photograph showing what food supplies that they could obtain, sometimes very little as is seen here. Small Potatoes can be seen in the right of the photograph, some larger than others. Close to the left is seen a Soldat peeling one of the larger potatoes, whilst in shot behind is seen peeling a smaller potato.

The Potatoes were likely sourced from nearby farms or villages that was common to be gifted as well as taken. The potatoes would serve as a good meal in mixture with water to make a soup perhaps, they are seen piled and sorted by two pieces of wood, likely used to stop them rolling around. The wood would also be used to heat a open fire or if lucky enough fuel for a field kitchen. Likely a open fire in this case, this is supported by the small stone circle with the square lid of a pot on top. Likely from what the meat the other Soldaten can be seen eating. They are seem eating what appears to be eating a form of meat. Likely chicken as seen by the left Soldat, appears to be eating a chicken leg. Chickens being an easily obtainable food source at farms. Seen with mess tins and water bottles near they are enjoying their meal.

Seen relaxing in just their shirts its suggested the season to be summer or in a hot climate. What can be made in the background appears to be woodland so suggested to be summer, location and date unknown. They are notably seen comfortable no doubt, seen with jackboots on even in just shorts. Seen in the foreground is the zeltbahn tents in which they have been sleeping in whilst encamped in the field. The zeltbahns being a useful piece of kit carried by all Soldaten. The zeltbahns being in Splinter B Camo. This is seen as the entrance to one in the centre is draped open. Soldtaen can be seen relaxing in the foreground too, one notably seen looking at the camera. The Soldat to the left of him is seen with his dog tag seen around his neck as he peels a potato.

You get a real feel from this close and intimate photograph to what life was like in the field for the average Soldat. Seen in this case maybe rougher than others eating what food is available. You get the impression they are relaxed as kit can be seen scattered all over the place, this is seen in mess tins scattered as the hungry Soldaten eat as well as drinking cups and even just in shot inside the zelthbahn is seen a stahlhelm. This is a crisp example of in the field life and in a downtime not often reflected in photographs. One you can really take in the atmosphere and feel like your there.

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