Young Waffen -SS Schütze Russland 1941

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photographs here show a grouping of an SS Schütze in the field Russia in September 1941. The first photograph shows a young Waffen -SS Schütze in the field. Some smoke likely from a battle or explosions whilst in combat can be seen in the distance. The reverse of this photograph tells us that he is gazing out of a trench and is dated September 1941 in Russland (Russia). He is seen wearing and M36 tunic in this photograph and a M40 Stalhelm. The photograph shows the Schütze on the edge of his trench, amongst combat. The second photograph shows the same Schütze but this time in the snow, he is seen standing in a Greatcoat with a scarf around his neck to keep him warm. Seen on the stone wall behind him and on the ground, Snow is seen. The Schütze is also seen wearing gloves and holding a Kar98. The look on his face suggests that he doesn’t know what is around the corner, such a young man in the mist of war on the eastern front. It is unknown if he survived, but likely that he has experienced and been a part of some of the fiercest fighting in the war. The distance is all white and unclear, likely snowing. A crisp in the field and combat photograph grouping.

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