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Kamerad Weihnachten...

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

A Frohe Weihnachten from everyone at KB41 Collection!


The photograph here shows a warm and intimate celebration among close kameraden of the Heer at Weihnachten. Seen celebrated in the warmth of a building with some decorations and candles the spirit and tradition of Weihnachten can be felt from this crisp and warm photograph. The composition and sharpness enhances this photograph and allows us as viewers of this photograph to understand and appreciate the style of photography that has been captured here. The quality seen here was highly likely captured by an amateur photographer using what camera was available. Most photographs when developed would still render a decent quality, unless there was a fault or not focused or set correctly however to capture such quality and atmosphere must show a level of skill that we can respect and appreciate in comparison to the average photograph.

The photograph shows us the warmth of close bond these Heer kameraden have, seen what is likely and occupied building somewhere on either front or possibly a barracks within the Reich. The Heer kameraden seen here are of Fahnenjunke-Unteroffizier in an The M40 Tunic with(As seen by the thin band on lower shoulder board) seen on the right side at the back with his elbow on the table, likely next to him in partial view is likely a Uffz or Feldwebel and on the opposite side of the table is an officer of the suggest rank of Leutnant. The officer of suggested rank of Leutnant, notable for the Bullion style collar patches on what appears to be an M36 officers tunic sits raising his cup to his fellow subordinates seen seated opposite him.

This photograph shows that despite the rank that these kameraden are spending Weihnachten (Christmas) together around a Christmas tree just as they may have done at homes with their families. The kameraden seen here have made a good effort to keep traditions of the season alive with a Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas tree) and its decorations of tinsel and candles keeps the Christmas spirit and morale high during this difficult period away from their families. The table in which the Weihnachtsbaum is seen is decorated with candles that reflect in the light of this shadowy and contrasting photo in addition to religious images associated with Weihnachten. Showing these images shows that despite the chaos and being away from their families elements of religious traditions still shine through to Soldaten life. Weihnachten wouldn't be Weihnachten without alcohol , this is likely what the kameraden seen here are drinking from their cups. Seen next to the Leutnant is not only a small ashtray for the cigarette that the officer is smoking but also one of three bottles that the kameraden seen here would drink in celebration of the festive period and likely into new years celebrations. The cup, like that of the Soldaten seen on the opposite side of the table is the type that would be issued with the water bottle is being used to drink from at the table. This cup also seen just in front of the ashtray on its own is also likely to belong the photographer, showing that despite taking the photo his presents is still captured in this scene.

The whole scene of this meaningful and reflective Weihnachten photograph is overshadowed by the single portrait seen on the wall with a wreath above it of the Führer, the leader of Germany. Adolf Hitler being in the background but not the focus or meaning of this photograph. The photograph capturing humanity of friends sharing drinks celebrating in the warmth and protection of the building at Christmas. A reflective and meaning photograph combining the arts and integrity of this style of photograph, one that families would cherish and remember their family in service in a festivity still celebrated today.

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