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Soldaten Schneeballschlacht

The photograph here shows Heer unteroffizier infanterie posing for a photograph in the field of snow.

The photograph here shows the Unteroffiziers standing in their crisp M36 Greatcoats to keep them warm from the cold surroundings. All three are also seen wearing Schirmmütze, all are crisp and unshapped. This suggesting that this is an early war photograph. They are also seen wearing belts buckles, all three complete with a map case each. All three are seen wearing gloves too.

The snow can bee seen in the surroundings as far as the eye can see to the horizon, suggesting this photograph to be taken in winter. The white of the ground and sky giving contrast to the trees and outbuildings in the background in addittion to the Heer Soldaten seen here. The snow can be seen dusted across the front of the center Unteroffizier, suggested he has been attacked as a part of the snow ball fighting antics by soldaten seen here. The three here seen serious taking a break from the antics. As seen in the background the faint details, Heer soldaten can be seen chasing and throwing snowballs at eachother, clambering over eachother to throw snowballs as they enjoy the snow and cold weather. This showing not only the comedic aspect of soldaten life but the very human aspects, still showing their inner children playing in the snow, even involving the uffz.

This is a crisp photograph highlighting the detail of comedic soldaten life fronted by a serious and smart Unteroffizier trio who have still be involved in antics of the snowball fight.

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